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Green Initiative

U.S. Headquarters

Topmost World, Inc.
4629 State Street
Montclair, Ca 91763
Tel. 909.590.0668
Fax. 909.590.0655

At Topmost, we like to do our part in keeping the earth green. We strongly believe that our effort in limiting wasteful resources is our duty to be responsible to the environment.

Our implemented programs include, but are not limited to:

A fully integrated online catalog that greatly cuts down the use of excess paper catalogs. Our online catalog www.PrismCrystal.com is fully updated with full color multiple angled product images, product dimensions, weight and etching area for dealers and consumers to browse through at anytime of the day. Once registered, dealers can log-in at the same website to check pricing and out of stock information. This is a handy tool for all users and limits wasteful paper catalogs and the fuel used during shipping of these heavy books.

Our gift boxes consist of recycled material that is also biodegradable. With a new and high quality outer appearance, these gift boxes are completely environmentally friendly and show the care we put into each product we carry.

We pack our shipments using inflatable air bag packaging, which can be reused by the recipient, or popped and recycled with other plastic items. These light weight packing material keep the crystal contents secure while keeping the shipments light and alleviate the burden on the delivery trucks.

The Topmost family is dedicated internally to keep our earth green. We electronically send all order confirmations and invoices to our customer, eliminating the clutter and fuel costs from mailing paper invoices. We make the extra effort to reuse one side printed paper that is usually discarded to further cut waste.

Be confident with our dedication to our environment, and our dedication to you, our customers. Our quality will not waiver while we pursue to improve ourselves constantly.